About us

We are a full service international shipping and moving company that can handle your overseas moves from any of the following locations across Canada:

  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Quebec city, Quebec
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba

Contact us today to receive rates for any of our moving, transport, container shipping or company relocation services.

Euro Transport has built up a reputation based on quality services.

In business for the past 26 years, Euro Transport has built up a reputation based on quality services. Everything we do is based on the same goal which is complete satisfaction of each and every customer.

Our success is the result of our training programs, our quality personnel, our particular computer system, our quality of services and our constant efforts towards growth and improvement.

In order to save you time and money, we offer all kinds of moving services. With one company you can move locally, over long distances or overseas no matter if is for yourself, your company or for an employee. If you read on you will see we do much more. We are experienced and we provide quality in all that we do. Being an associated with other movers in Canada and the USA enables us to handle any move any size and anywhere in the world.


Offer services of the highest quality. Therefore we shall go beyond the moving industry standards.

Computer System

All activities are closely followed by our computer system designed specifically for Euro Transport. This allows us to have a clear picture of our work on a day to day basis. It allows us to make accurate decisions, keep track of all that's going on, follow up on customer's satisfaction and analyze the quality of our work on all angles.

Storage Services

Euro Transport has two governments approve warehouses for a total of 25000 square feet of storage space. These warehouses are heated, well-kept and very safe thanks to a high-tech alarm system.

Working Equipment

To provide adapted services to different customers, we have trucks varying in sizes, for the smallest to the biggest moves. We also are well equipped to make our work easier, more efficient and less time consuming.

Vehicle transportation from Montreal to Quebec or from across Canada

Euro Transport provides automobile transportation from Montreal or anywhere in Quebec to any city in Canada or any country. Transporting your vehicle is easy with us because we are a transport company able to ship cars or any vehicle by train, boat or truck. Euro Transport can transport your car to and from Montreal or any other city in Canada including: Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg.

Packaging and Crating

Euro Transport offers the best quality packing and crating services for safe shipping. To assure maximum protection when shipping your contents, we will consult with you to provide you with the best packing and crating solutions for your requirements.

Our custom packing and crating professionals have over 30 years of experience in using the best materials and techniques. We can transport your items for you to our warehouse in Montreal, Quebec or any of our locations for packing and crating. You may also have your items delivered to us.

Freight Transport and Containers from Montreal and all over Quebec

We run our transport service in the goal of serving the needs of our clients better than any other shipping company. Due to our knowledge of the world of shipping, we have been able to offer our transport services to companies in Canada with complete confidence. We offer the best freight and container transport services in Montreal, Quebec and other locations in Canada. Our moving and relocation logistics allow us to track any freight or container your company needs to transport overseas. Call us today to transport your most important items overseas!

Moving and international transport to South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania

Chez Euro Transport, vous pouvez être sûr que votre fret, conteneur ou automobile arrivera en toute sécurité et à temps à votre destination. Nous desservons les destinations suivantes ainsi que plusieurs autres pays à travers le monde:


  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • England and the United Kingdom
  • Swiss
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Etc...


  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Etc...

Asia, Middle East, South America

  • India
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Etc...

Shipping by ship is the cheapest way to ship your cargo or containers abroad.

Tens of millions of containers are shipped every month around the world by sea. The price for ocean freight depends on the size and weight of unless the entire container is filled. For consolidation, cost is dependent on size and weight. For a full container, the price will depend on the size of the container. Regardless of the size of your company or the destination of your cargo or container, we will meet all your shipping needs at the best prices.

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